HAL ASHBY (1929-1988)

hal ashby

Hal Ashby is as underrated as Robert Altman is overrated but like the similarly talented Alan J. Pakula and Robert Mulligan his career hit the skids during the insipid 1980s. Ashby didn’t survive to see a better day but I’m not sure a second act was forthcoming.

1970  The Landlord
1971  Harold and Maude ***
1973  The Last Detail ***1/2
1975  Shampoo ****
1976  Bound for Glory ****
1978  Coming Home ***1/2
1979  Being There ****
1981  Second Hand Hearts ***
1982  Lookin’ to Get Out
1982  Let’s Spend the Night Together ***
1985  The Slugger’s Wife
1986  Eight Million Ways to Die

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