John Cassavettes

John Cassavetes came of age as a filmmaker during the 1970s when critics cut endless slack for free-flowing self-indulgence. Cassavetes was certainly a charismatic performer, sincere director, and an icon of the era. But beyond the riveting A Woman Under the Influence his earnest body of work feels more strained than profound.

1959  Shadows ***1/2
1961  Too Late Blues ***
1963  A Child Is Waiting ***
1968  Faces ***1/2
1970  Husbands ***1/2
1971  Minnie & Moskowitz ***1/2
1974  A Woman Under the Influence ****
1976  The Killing of a Chinese Bookie ***1/2
1977  Opening Night ***
1980  Gloria ***1/2
1984  Love Streams ***1/2
1986  Big Trouble ***

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