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It’s time we recognize Peter Bogdanovich as national treasure. With the possible exception of Andrew Sarris nobody has championed the cause of the American Cinema with more eloquence and intelligence. It’s a true shame most of his interview books with great directors have fallen out of print, but with a little perseverance his chats with the giants of cinema are web retrievable. Youthful hubris sidetracked his promising career as a director all too soon, but both Targets and The Last Picture Show remain among the most interesting works of a volatile and transitional era.

1968  Targets ***1/2
1971  The Last Picture Show ***1/2
1971  Directed By John Ford ***1/2
1972  What’s Up Doc? ***1/2
1973  Paper Moon ***
1974  Daisy Miller **1/2
1975  At Long Last Love **1/2
1976  Nickelodeon ***
1979  Saint Jack ***1/2
1981  They All Laughed ***
1985  Mask ***1/2
1990  Texasville ***
1992  Noises Off… ***
2004  The Mystery of Natalie Wood ***

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